This series is based on PLC S7-300 PLC Siemens design and hardware and software attributes that duplicate and automation projects with small and medium applications usable.
The PLC to be Compact and made in the future will be built as Modular units.
(The design and changes in hardware based on user needs is possible)

Technical Data:
• Designed compatibility to the S7-300® from Siemens
• Programming and communication with the PLC by Siemens software (SIMATIC STEP 7) such as:
 -Use of all CPU instructions
 -Programming languages LAD, FBD, STL, Graph7, SCL
 -Call Library Functions (In Software) and CPU functions (SFC, SFB)
 -Applying the tools and OnLine Functions, such as viewing the Diagnostic Buffer, Status, monitoring, and...
• Communicate with WinCC software for monitoring and control
• Provide network connection and communicates through TCP/IP Protocol (in future implemented)
• Communication with MODBUS Protocol through the HMI panel types
• Use Micro SD for Load Memory
• No need to PC Adapter to communicate with PLC
• Real-time clock
• Sending and receiving SMS
• View status of inputs and outputs and program elements

Hardware specifications:
 • Work memory: 52 KB
 • Load memory: 512 KB
 • Bit memory:     8192 bit
 • Timer:     128
 • Counter: 128
 • Blocks: OB 1/10/20/35/40/80/100/121/122
     FB: 1024 FC: 1024 DB: 2047

• Digital input:
• Digital output:
• Analog input:
• Analog output:
• Encoder Input: